pachypodium species

pachypodium lamerei

the native to madagascar pachypodium lamerei (madagascar palm) is the most common member of the genus. in its natural habitat it can reach several meters in height. adult plants can develop white flowers.

from pachypodium lamerei are different forms available, like var. cristata.

pachypodium lamerei

pachypodium lamerei (madagascar palm) care

  1. lighting: sunny and bright
  2. watering:
  3. feeding: a half diluted cacti fertilizer monthly if the plants are in growth
  4. soil: regular cacti mix
  5. temperature: 10-40 °c/50-104 °f

pachypodium lamerei does best if located bright and sunny the year round. if placed outside during summer and to avoid rotten roots, make sure that rain water can flow out of the pot’s hole.

the soil should be well drained, a regular cactus mix can be used. i’m using a mix of cacti soil and pumice (1:1).

from spring to fall the madagascar palm can be deep watered. what’s running out of the pot should be removed after a few minutes. before adding water next let the soil dry.

a half diluted cactus fertilizer can be given monthly from spring to fall. fresh bought or recently repotted plants don’t need to be feeded for the first six to eight weeks.

pachypodium lamerei can be cultivated at room temperature the year round and needs a winter minimum of 10 °C/50 °f. the colder it is placed during this season, the less water is needed.