pachypodium species


the dogbanes (apocynaceae) family contains serveral genera with species who are popular container, house or garden plants.

adenium (apocynoideae)

adenium obesum

the five members of the genus adenium are commonly known as desert roses. the most popular species is adenium obesum.

asclepias (asclepiadoideae)


the common milkweed (asclepias syriaca) is native to north america. the hardy plant is sometimes used as perennial.

asclepias syriaca

hoya (asclepiadoideae)

hoya bella

the members of the genus hoya are called waxflowers or waxplants.

plumeria (rauvolfioideae)


from the frangipani called plumeria are a lot of cultivars available, flowering in nearly every color you want.


stephanotis (asclepiadoideae)

stephanotis floribunda

stephanotis floribunda is known as madagascar jasmine.

thevetia (rauvolfioideae)

thevetia peruviana

thevetia peruviana is native from mexico to central america. here in germany it’s known as tropical oleander beacause it’s a close oleander (nerium) relative.

vinca (rauvolfioideae)